Why Girls CAN In Fact Have Multiple BFFs

Men just don't understand.

I am writing this post for all the boys out there who just don't get how girls can have MULTIPLE best friends. 

Braden and I will often have conversations about friends and whenever I refer to a friend he doesn't know I say something along the lines of, "She's like one of my best friends." Almost without fail, he makes a snide comment about how he thought he was my best friend and how all my friends can't be my best friends.

But, they are! Most people I talk to him about ARE my best friends. I have multiple best friends. They're all the "best" friends for me in different ways. 

1.  I have the best girl friend that provides emotional support about boys, friends, or family drama. The one I can tell all my secrets to and who shares the same opinions and views. She is the one who helps validate my feelings. The one I open up to even when it's hard.

2.  I have the best friend who I've been friends with basically FOREVER! The one I do everything with. The one who will shop with me until I drop,  stay up late at night with me rambling about whatever, the one who knows my style and my personality in and out. The one who loves me even when I'm a brat. 

3. Let's not forget about the best friend who provides the best spiritual advice. The one who always makes me feel good about myself and keeps me on the straight and narrow. The one who influences me in the best ways. The one who is crazy and adventurous and always up for a good time. The one who will stay close to me even with distance. 

4. I have my best friend that makes me feel like we are the funniest two people in the world. I've never laughed harder with anyone else than him. We could sit and talk about old stories for hours and never get bored. 

5. I have the best friends that I had all through high school. The ones I made more memories with than any other group of friends. The group that was inseparable and hung out together every night. They are the friends who stuck with me through high school, college and beyond. They're the group I would spend time with over anyone else. I can honestly say that every person in that group was so close to me and I would always call them my best friends. 

6. I have the best friends who got me through the best and the worst times in college. The ones that live far away from me but always will have a special place in my heart. The ones who I laughed with and stayed up all night having dance parties with. The ones who would get McDonalds with me at 3 a.m. and who knew all the secret boy drama. The ones who would laugh with me about bad dates and tell me I'm being ridiculous when I need to hear it. 

7. Lastly, I have my best friend who is there for me through EVERYTHING. The one who is all of those and more. The one I want to marry someday and the one I want to spend all of my time with. The one who has literally seen me at my worst and still loves me. The one who is always willing to work through everything. 

So now you see that there are so many different types of friends but they're all BEST friends. So next time you say that a girl can't have more than one best friend. Think again. I guarantee we all do. 

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  1. The confusion comes when best friends are awarded the title of "best best friend" or "best best of the best friends". "She is my best best friend" is implying that the "best best friend" is a better friend than the "best friend". (Creating a best friend hierarchy) What I'm gathering from this post is that you have no hierarchy to your best friends, they each have their area of support making each best friend equal, but best friends for different reasons. Consider this: If everyone is a best friend (and equal) then nobody is the best friend (because they are equal). :) I love you honey! :-*