REVIEW- Mountain Warehouse Alpine Warmstretch Hoodie

If you've stalked me on any form of social media, you know I absolutely adore the outdoors. Very recently I spent a long weekend in Yellowstone National Park photographing, exploring and fishing. It's the perfect time of year to go to Yellowstone because the afternoons are warm and the evenings are cool. This August was the rainiest August they've had in years and years but for me, that added to the excitement. I prefer rain to sun because I don't do well with extreme heat which usually follows hot sunny days.
Yellowstone National Park waterfall
Braden and I at Yellowstone Falls
I had no idea what to pack because the weather was so unpredictable. It would be sunshine and blue skies and an hour later there would be a downpour of rain. I decided to pack a little bit of everything and I'm not even joking, my go to article of clothing was my Alpine Hoodie from Mountain Warehouse. Seriously, I brought it along to try it out in cooler temperatures and see what I thought but I ended up bringing it with me EVERYWHERE.

I even wore it on the boat, along with my wellies from Mountain Warehouse. Let's just say I was reppin' MW to the max.
Mountain Warehouse Hoodie
Fishing of the back of Braden's boat on Yellowstone Lake-- wearing my Mountain Warehouse wellies and hoodie
Now more about this fabulous hoodie--
Mountain warehouse hoodie
Photographing Fishing Bridge in Yellowstone National Park
Let me just start with the fact that it may be the softest article of clothing I own. The inside is so nice and fleecy that I didn't want to take it off. It was the best layering article on my trip. I would wear a long sleeved shirt underneath and add a light rain jacket on the top! It was also great over just a t-shirt during those cooler afternoons.

The vibrant purple color is a nice, feminine color that makes me feel like I look the smallest bit cute while being outside and dirty. Forgive all the pictures of me without makeup and gnarly hair.

Another feature I love about this hoodie is the thumbholes around the wrists. Those thumb holes were perfect while being active to help keep warm. Especially if you're layering with any overcoat because they keep your sleeves down.
mountain warehouse hoodie
Fishing at Yellowstone Lake
The neck area on the Alpine hoodie is thicker than some providing warmth for your chin as well as extra coverage on your ears. The hood came in handy as well. Did I mention it's a quick drying fabric? Well, it is. It drys super fast from a light sprinkle or splash. While fishing on the boat in a storm, we took on some water and my hoodie wasn't even drenched.

The back of the hoodie is a tad longer providing extra coverage for your lower back and rear. This is always a bonus to me with any article of clothing because I never like to have my skin exposed.
mountain warehouse hoodie
Mountain Warehouse Hoodie
All in all, I would love to have a wardrobe filled with hoodies like this one. It's one of the best zip up jackets I've owned.  It's comfortable, functional and manufactured with quality. Not to mention Mountain Warehouse has impeccable customer service.

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